Stainless Steel Tank

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless steel tanks are frequently sought after by many different industries.  The ability to resist corrosion, and overall cleanliness make it desirable for multiple purposes.  Our experience in stainless steel fabrication, and of course tank fabrication, and our relatively fast lead times make us a great option for your custom build.

Stainless steel can be a difficult material to work with, so many fabricators turn away from it, however we always welcome stainless steel projects, and have a long record of doing it well.  

Stainless steel tanks are used for many applications, and their durability and lifespan often greatly outweigh the extra material cost up front.  Our average tanks are done out of 304 or 316 Alloys, but we have had special requests for other alloys as well.

We ship tanks nation wide.  Our thorough drawing and approval process, as well as our extensive quality control take great care to make sure our customers end up with the tank they want.  We pay great attention to detail, we always like to get an idea of what the tank's use will be, and this allows us to care for each individual projects and be sure it will function properly, and our customers are left with a quality finished product. 

When possible, we pressure check all of our tanks with air, however sometimes hydro tests, or other means are more practical.  We always make sure every tank leaves our shop with no leaks, with all dimensions accurate, and packaged up, and sent out wherever our customer may be. 

From Southern California, to the Pacific Northwest, to the Southeast, and to New England States, we have sent tanks all over the place to happy customers for a variety of industries.  

We build all tanks to custom specs provided by our customers.  

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