Custom Fuel Tanks Made Easy

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Custom fuel tanks are a need for most boaters at some point or another.  Some boat owners have had very bad experiences replacing boat fuel tanks, and often times struggle finding a person they trust to fabricate a quality tank, and adhere to their needs properly. We strive to simplify that process.  From the pre fabrication drawing and approval stages, to the careful shearing and forming, to the tig welding and quality controlling.  We keep our customer and their needs front and center.

Every tank we do begins in the quote phase.  While tanks can be expensive, our experience, and equipment allow us to streamline the process and be very fairly priced.  You will begin by speaking with one of our experienced estimators, and ideally provide a rough sketch to work off of.  We often tell our customers "Don't even use a ruler".  At this point, we do not care too much about exact location of fittings, etc.  We just need to know how much material the tank will require, how many fittings, will a sending unit be required, whether the fill needs to be capped, or just be a tube a hose can slide over, etc.

Once we get you a price, and you decide to proceed, we will collect payment and move to the drawing and approval phase.  We always shoot to get a CAD drawing back to you within one business day, but sometimes that gets stretched to two depending on workload.  This is arguably the most important step in the fabrication of a custom tank.  We depend on our customers to closely review the drawing we provide, and we welcome any questions or corrections.  We are on your side, and we want to be certain we are building the tank that you want.  Once the drawing recieves approval, we fabricate from that drawing.  We have a very good history of correcting misunderstandings, or sometimes our customers remember something they nearly left out when they see the drawing in front of them.  Sometimes things are perfect right away, sometimes a few revisions are required, but once approval is given, fabrication begins.

We fabricate all custom tanks per the customer approved drawing based on customer specs. Our fabrication and quality control is all done based on standards set by the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) when applicable.  All custom fuel tanks are pressure checked and closely quality controlled to be certain that no leaky tanks leave our facility.

Once fabrication and quality control are wrapped up, local customers pick up, and for everybody else, we package each tank carefully and send it off.

Of course we take many steps to safely package tanks, and fortunately have had no past issues. We do however always stress that checking your tank prior to installation is crucial.  What happens during trucking from our facility to you is unfortunately out of our control.

Over the years, we have left many boat owners, as well as people with a variety of other tank needs very happy.  We look forward to quoting your next project, or answering any tank related questions you may have.

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Custom Fuel Tank fabricated from Aluminum to Customer Specs