Marine Fuel Tanks - Aluminum

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Marine fuel tanks as all boaters know, are a constant battle over the life of your boat.  No matter how well built they are, if they are not properly installed, they can deteriorate in a hurry.

Even properly installed, the abusive marine environment can take its toll on anything it touches as the years go by.  When it is time for replacing, please keep us in mind to quote for any  of your custom fuel tank needs.

The biggest culprits we see for destroying the tanks we replace are the foamed in design.  This foam traps moisture, and destroys otherwise good fuel tanks all the time.  We also see issues with dissimilar (brass/copper fittings) metals occasionally, as well as setting tanks up on wood which collects moisture, or in a situation where it can not dry.  

We always advise our customers to take installation very very seriously. We do not offer installation, but we do know it will dramatically increase the lifespan of your tank when done properly.  

Nobody wants custom fuel tanks to be a recurring expense, as any custom fabrication is pricey, so always take install seriously, research as many resources as you can, and make sure that you get the most out of your investment in a new tank.

We pride ourselves on building quality, heavy duty custom fuel tanks, and making sure they are built to last.  We always want our customers to take care of them, install carefully, maintain the fuel system regularly, and hopefully enjoy many many years of good fuel tanks.

Ideally, we like to build our fuel tanks from a minimum of 3/16" 5052 aluminum, carefully sheared, and formed to dimensions and built to specs provided by the customer.  We tig weld the tanks, and extensively quality control all welds and dimensions.  Following fabrication, we pressure check the tanks to assure every single fuel tank leaves our shop with no leaks.

Of course, it is still necessary to evaluate and verify that no damage occurred transporting the tank from our shop to your boat.  All tanks no matter who they are purchased from need to be tested prior to active use.

Please contact us for estimates or any questions regarding your custom tank projects!

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