Marine Fuel Tanks Custom Built

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Marine fuel tanks made from aluminum are constantly demanded by our customers.  We fabricate all of these custom fuel tanks to specs provided by our customers.  We carefully shear, form, and TIG weld these tanks ensuring correct dimensions, fitting location, and shape.  Adhering to whatever dimensions we establish in the drawing process.

Once fabrication is complete, we move on to pressure checking and quality control.  We take this part of the process extremely seriously, to be certain no tanks leave our facility with any issues.  Once we establish that there are no leaks, and a tank holds at 3+ PSI, and each and every weld is closely inspected for leaks, we package up the tanks, and get them to our customers.

This is a process we have become well acquainted with, and rest assured, regardless of where you may be across the US, we can provide a service as though we were a tank fabricator near you.  Custom fuel tanks, and tanks of all different styles are no issue for us.  We have seen many interesting custom builds.  Many of which customers are having a very hard time finding a shop to build.  We pride ourselves on our diverse skill set, fair prices, and quality end products.

From aluminum to stainless steel tanks, and even carbon steel, we will gladly look at any tank project you have, and do whatever we can to quote you a fair price, a relatively quick lead time, and fabricate an end product that leaves you happy, built to your specs.  Whether it is personal use, or for industries, we have seen it all.  From holding tanks, to water tanks, hydraulic tanks, double wall, insulated, and odd shapes.

Whatever your needs are, please contact us for a quote, or with any questions.

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