Stainless Steel Tanks

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless Steel Tanks Custom Built in the USAStainless Steel Tanks are a big part of our products here.  Custom fuel tanks are our most popular, but a lot of our customers inform us that they have a very tough time finding somebody to provide quality stainless steel tanks.  Stainless steel fabrication can be difficult for a lot of fabricators, but it is a specialty of ours.

Stainless steel tanks can be both great from a practical standpoint, and for the sake of sleek and attractive looks.  Whether it is for industrial use, or personal potable water, rain-water collection, or other uses, we can provide.  We have even done a number of stainless steel double wall tanks packed with insulation to keep liquids warm inside.

We do lots of tanks of different shapes, squares, cylinders, dished heads, flat heads, custom lids, you name it.  Taking care of your tank needs is what we strive to do here.

Let us know how we can help bring your project to life.  We unlike many other manufacturers do not have minimum orders.  We will do quantities large and small.  Visit our free quotes page, and we will be happy to get back to you.

Our lead times are also generally relatively quick.  We always do whatever is possible to keep customers happy with a turn around as fast as possible.  

We ship tanks all over the country, and enjoy sending tanks to different states.  We proudly fabricate all of our tanks here in our Ventura California facility.  Our tanks all leave extensively quality controlled, pressure checked when possible, or by different means when lids are not air tight etc. 

Making sure all tanks are leak free and built to the specs provided by our customers is of the utmost importance to us, and always will be.  We stand by our tanks, and want to deliver for you on your project.