Custom Fuel Tanks Built to Your Specs

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Custom Fuel Tanks for a variety of purposes are a big part of what we do here at our facility in Ventura California.  While marine fuel tanks are certainly a large portion of that, sometimes we get to do something a little bit outside of the box.  

Pictured below, you will see a custom fuel tank to be used on a ranch out in Louisiana.  The tank is welded to the custom aluminum skid complete with forklift slots for easy portability.  We are certainly proud of the way this tank came out, and always enjoy trying to build a tank that looks good on top of getting the desired use and function out of it.

This particular aluminum fuel tank complete with 2" NPT fittings on top and another aux fitting on the side wall was cut, rolled, baffled, fit, welded, pressure checked, quality controlled, and packaged without ever leaving our facility.  Our ability to handle fabrication start to finish allows for greater control of the quality product we put out.

From the shop drawing phase, to fabrication, to quality control and shipping, we always keep the customer in mind, and always strive to get them the best end product possible.

Years of experience in tank fabrication have allowed us to streamline this process, and do whatever we can to be as cost effective as possible, while still delivering high quality, functional tanks built to the custom specs provided by our customers.

We serve locations nation-wide, and would be happy to bring your tank project to life.  We do our best to simplify the start to finish process on your end, and our lead times are generally far far faster than most.  The care and quality going into our tanks certainly will not be beat, and we would be happy to quote your project.

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