Stainless Steel Tanks

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless steel tanks, while not as commonly ordered as our aluminum fuel tanks, are still indeed something we have done plenty of over the years.  Many fabricators do not like dealing with stainless steel tanks, but we always welcome them.  Here you will see the eye-catching stainless steel look for these custom side by side water tanks,which bolt together, and bolt down to the custom aluminum skid we built and had beautifully powder coated.

Stainless steel tanks offer a cleanliness that steel and aluminum can't compare with.  They are excellent in situations for potable water, medical, and food applications.  We understand the challenges stainless steel fabrication can bring with it, and take every step possible to provide an attractive, and functional final product that leaves our customers very happy.  

Many of our stainless tanks are for more industrial practices, and do not need to look as pollished and beautiful as these ones, but we are more than capable of delivering that sleek shiny number 4 brush finished stainless steel look that everybody knows and loves.

We have done similar stainless steel water tanks in the past, as you can find on our website.  Some have gone to residences of very high profile individuals.

The attractive stainless steel on the black skid always makes for very good looking tanks that we naturally like to show off and brag about.

Please do not hesitate to have us quote your next tank project.  We look forward to hearing whatever it is.

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Stainless steel tanks custom built on a custom skid