Custom Fuel Tanks From Your Design

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Custom fuel tanks continue to be our hot seller.  This custom aluminum tank had a long skinny build and an asymmetrical bend in it to match the hull of the boat to which it will belong. 

This marine fuel tank is built to standards set by the ABYC as are all of the custom fuel tanks built in our facilty.  We prefer to build our custom fuel tanks from 3/16" 5052 aluminum plate.  A lot of boat manufacturers opt for 1/8" thick tanks but we feel 3/16" aluminum provides a far superior tank.  One of the big reasons for this is in a scenario where your tank gets a 1/16" scratch in it, the 1/8" tank will only leave you with 1/16" of good material left! For this reason, among others, we find a 3/16" tank to be the best option in most cases for aluminum fuel tanks.  

Our experience in tank fabrication allows us to turn out custom tanks of very high quality, and our lead times are relatively very quick.   

Our attention to detail is always a major focus from the shop drawing approval process, to every inch of weld, to pressure checking and quality control.  We always strive to deliver the exact tank you wanted in accordance with all specs provided by you the customer.  

We take our tank fabrication very seriously, and service customers all over the USA and are proud to be a manufacturer of custom tanks that are built in our facility in Ventura California.  

No matter what industry your custom tank is for, we would be very happy to have a look at you project.  Steel tanks, aluminum tanks, and stainless steel tanks are all frequently getting turned out of our facility, and we welcome challenging builds.  

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