Double Wall Stainless Steel Tank

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless steel double wall tanks are requested from time to time.  A tank like this is intimidating to a lot of fabricators, but we have no problem at all handling a custom double wall stainless tank.  This double wall stainless steel tank was used to keep liquid hot.  It is packed with insullation, sandwiched between an inner stainless steel tank, and an outer stainless steel tank. 

Our lid on top was designed with counterweights for easier mobility, as it is a rather large and heavy lid.  Custom lids are often a hangup that we are able to solve for our customers.  Sometimes a very unique lid is required as industrial tanks are often built to their surrounding areas where install will occur. 

Whether we are replacing an existing tank, or building a completely new thing, we look forward to seeing your specs and getting things going on your tank project.

The process is easy, often beginning with a very rough sketch on a piece of paper provided by our customer.  This sketch does not have to be anything special.  Just convey the dimensions and the function desired of anything special (IE double sided lid, double wall tank, etc).

After we get this initial drawing from our customer, we can provide a quote.  Should we proceed from there, next would be a deposit, and now we will provide you, the customer, with a CAD drawing for approval or revision.  This is the most important step in the process, as we do fabricate our custom tanks based on whatever drawing gets approved.  

From time of approved drawing, we begin fabrication.  You will have a hard time finding a shop that turns out high quality tanks with lead times as quick as ours run.  We ship nationwide, and would like to quote your next tank project!

Stainless Steel Double Wall Tank from TankFab on Vimeo.