Custom Fuel Tanks

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Custom Fuel Tanks are continuing to flow on out the door.  These custom steel fuel tanks are to be used in the oilfield industry.  We do a ton of marine fuel tanks, typically aluminum tanks, but some of our customers request custom steel tanks, which we are happy to provide.

Stainless steel tanks are also regular requests of our customers.

We do our best to make the challenge of fabricating your custom tank as easy as possible.  From your drawing, oftentimes a rough sketch that is scanned and emailed over, we can ask a few questions. 

What material and thickness?

How many and what type of fittings?

Is a setup for a sending unit required?

Where will it be shipped to?

And from there we can get you a quote.  If you like the price and decide to proceed, we will then nail down exact location of fittings and so on.  We will get back to you promptly with a CAD drawing for your revision and approval.  Once this drawing is approved, we fabricate to it, so attention to detail is critical.  Our lead times are generally quick, and we will gladly keep you updated on progress of your custom tank.

Again, whether it's steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, aluminum tanks, marine fuel tanks, transfer tanks, holding tanks, hydraulic tanks, water tanks, or any other custom tank needs, we would be happy to quote and fabricate for you.

Our machinery, quality of work, years of experience, ease on customers, and quick lead times make us a great option for all of your tank needs going forward. 

Give us a call, email, or visit our free quotes page and we will be happy to get you any info you may need.

Our tanks are proudly made in the USA per our customers custom designs.  We have no minimum quantity requirement, and will be happy to try to help with any low pressure (non ASME) tank project you may have.

All marine fuel tanks are built per standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)

Custom Fuel Tanks