Stainless steel water tank

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless steel tanks built to our customers demands are another specialty of ours.  A lot of fabricators shy away from stainless steel as it is a difficult medium to work with, but not us.  We understand the superior quality of stainless steel, and the necessity for it in certain applications.  Delivering quality stainless steel tanks, as well as aluminum and carbon steel tanks is something our customers expect out of us, and we expect of ourselves. 

Pictured below is a custom potable water tank we fabricated for a celebrity's ranch in the Santa Barbara area.  In addition to the custom tanks themselves, we often do frames, skids, or other accessories to support, or go along with the tank.  You will have a hard time finding another fabricator that will deliver the quality product we do, with no minimum quantity, built to your needs, and trucked to you wherever you may be nationwide.  

Our current clientelle is primarily in the western states, however we are constantly looking to expand our market and would like the opportunity to quote any custom tank you may need.  Please see our estimate page to request a free quote.

Beginning with a little bit of info, we should be able to get you a quote.  If you proceed from there, we will go back and forth with rough sketches, iron out exact locations of fittings and so forth.  From there we will provide you with a cad drawing of the exact tank you want, and ask for your approval.  Once the drawing is approved, and a deposit is recieved, we can begin fabrication on your custom tank.  

Please feel free to email, call, or submit a free quote request and we will do what we can to answer any and all questions, and provide you with the product you need.

Stainless steel tanks custom built to your needs and shipped nationwide