Stainless steel tanks

by Tank Fabrication Public Relations Dept.

Stainless steel tanks are a strength of ours.  Here is a  cool custom tank ready to ship out to Northern California.  Custom stainless tanks come in a lot of shapes and sizes.  We do a number of stainless steel tanks for many different purposes, and always enjoy the often challenging process of sending out a nice finished custom tank.  

A lot more than just custom fuel tanks come through our door here.

Stainless steel tanks for industry are always interesting, as they often times are a design we've never seen before.  This particular custom stainless tank had a setup for a site guage, padeyes, a lid on a hinge, and other custom add ons. 

Tanks we see come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to be your fabricator when cookie cutter import tanks just won't do the job.

Stainless steel tanks are a challenge many experienced fabricators even hesitate to take on, because stainless steel is a difficult material to work with.  We however take no issue with that, and welcome the challenge.  Beautiful stainless steel tanks are what our customers have come to expect time and time again.

A holding tank like this with a bifolding lid, and a setup for a sight gauge was brought to us by a large company in Northern California.  We were able to fabricate this tank quickly after time of order and have it out on the road in a hurry.

These tanks are always welcomed by us, regardless of the challenge it may provide.  If it's doable, we're your guys.

Whether it's

Custom Fuel tanks,

Custom stainless tanks,

Aluminum tanks,

Marine Tanks,

Hydraulic tanks,

Steel Tanks,

Industrial tanks,

or any other custom tanks that suit your needs, please consider us as your tank fabricator.

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stainless steel tank custom fabricated for our customer

stainless steel tanks lid custom fabricated for customer