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Custom Tank Fabrication|Custom Fuel Tanks

We are a custom tank fabricator and welding shop in Ventura, CA producing quality tanks for a variety of markets. Custom Marine Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks, and Tanks for Industries of all sorts are our specialty here. We build custom aluminum, stainless steel, and steel tanks for a variety of applications including: marine fuel tanks, holding, hydraulic, water tanks, secondary containment, rainwater collection, diving, and other custom builds upon request. Each tank is built to your unique specifications. Please contact us for more information or submit a request form to start your project. We are now proudly serving locations nation wide.

Our products are extensively quality controlled and leave our customers happy time and time again. All tanks are welded, inspected, and pressure checked to assure that no tanks or fittings leave our facility leaking. No matter where you are across the country, our experience and ability to knock out nice tanks quickly and efficiently allow us to be a competitve option price wise even to customers far away.

You will find a consistent quality product, fabricated entirely in-house at our facility in Ventura California. We provide fast lead times that will be hard to beat. We have no minimum order quantity, and whether you need one or 100, we'd be happy to provide you a free quote.

Project of the Day
Stainless Holding Tank

Stainless steel tank with setup for sight glass and a bifolding lid.